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Level 3 Medication Awareness

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Level 3 Medication Awareness
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This online course is designed for staff working in the care sector in either a managerial or senior level position. The training provides an understanding of the correct procedures to follow when prescribing and administering medicines. Delegates will learn how to keep records of each administration, as well as all incoming and outgoing medicines, so as to ensure that the risk of error is minimised.

Outline of Programme

·         Safe medicine handling procedures.

·         Prescribing, checking, obtaining and dispensing of medicines.

·         Disclosure and patient confidentiality.

·         Patient guidance and support.

·         Medicine classifications and their properties.

·         Administration methods and competence.

·         Identifying and reporting reactions to, or between, medicines.

·         Consenting to secondary administration.

·         Staff and patient risk assessment.

·         Administration preparation and accuracy.

·         Keeping record of administration, errors and medicine refusal.

·         Storing and disposing of medicines safely.

·         Relevant legislation and guidance.