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Epilepsy Awareness

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Epilepsy Awareness
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Course Details

This Epilepsy Awareness and Administration of Buccal Midazolam course. The is a 3-hour course, and certificates last 2 years as per recommendation by the Joint Epilepsy Council. The course covers different types of Epilepsy and Seizures and the medication using Buccal Midazolam. It also covers the side affects, effects, dose, record keeping and after treatment care.

Buccal Midazolam is an alternative treatment to rectal diazepam and works as a relaxant to assist in controlling certain types of seizure. We also offer Epilepsy Awareness and Administration of Rectal Diazepam course.

Learning outcomes:

  • Have an understanding of epilepsy and epilepsy management
  • Have an understanding of the physiological and cultural effects of epilepsy
  • Understand the importance of care plans and risk assessments to ensure a safe treatment and effective treatment
  • Be able to recognise seizures and deliver the correct first aid where necessary
  • Recognise and emergency situation and take the appropriate action
  • Understand the theory and practice of administering Buccal Midazolam
  • Have knowledge to administer Buccal Midazolam in accordance with the individual care plan