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RQF Level 2 AED and CPR

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RQF  Level 2 AED and CPR
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Course Details

Our one day AED and CPR course enables people to get the experience and knowledge needed react and assist in the unlikely event that a family member, colleague or a member of the public goes into cardiac arrest. 

Without a defibrillator every minute that passes, the survival rate decreases by 10%. We teach our students to react quickly and calmly to ensure the patient has the best possible chance until professional help arrives. 

Who will benefit from this AED & CPR course? 

This course is designed for anyone that has an AED in the workplace. It is also ideal for anyone that would like to further their skills as an emergency first aider and can be delivered in conjunction with an Emergency First Aid at Work course. 

This course will give you the essential skills needed and the confidence to know what to do in an emergency. No previous training including first aid is needed to complete this course and learning how to use a defibrillator is very easy. 

What the course will include: 

  • Casualty primary assessment and management 
  • How to administer CPR safely and effectively
  • How to use an AED in conjunction with CPR Certificate of completion lasting for 3 years